I can’t think of a person in the world I trust more than Sarah as a friend and a guide. My time with her was life-changing in the most profound ways.

Noel B. , Journalist
I’ve had severe depression and anxiety my whole life, as well as alcohol abuse disorder and religious trauma. I’ve lost several jobs do to the depression and two relationships. Within two months of working with Sarah, I started decreasing my antidepressants and I’ll be off of them for the first time in 20 years. Also, without even putting any energy into it, my cut down almost 40%. She’s helped me to grieve, work through career and life issues. She believes in me so much that I’ve begun to believe in myself; she’s been a huge supporter of me. Sarah is kind, intuitive, empathic and hilarious. I can’t believe how much my life is changing. I’m able to cope better with the world around me, and I have a regular spiritual practice. I’m healing, learning and getting better. I’m grateful to have her as a coach and life-long friend. 
Bekah Johnson, Audio Producer/Engineer
It’s amazing how beautiful I felt about my life and my existence. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling that way. For the first time in a long time, I feel grateful to be alive, I am thankful Sarah is in my life.
Sarah creates an environment of trust and safety to work her magic. She is a priestess and shamanca who is not afraid to go to the darkest places to help that transformation happen.
My journey/session with Sarah has helped me to gain clarity of my truths, values and integrity, which has helped me to heal trauma wounds and pluck out the lies I’ve been carrying on the deepest levels. I feel empowered and able to integrate this wisdom and insight.
If you feel drawn to Sarah’s work, I highly recommend booking a personal or group session.
Sarah is a beacon of light for those ready to awaken to their own truth. She has served others rom her pureness of insight and guidance.