Overview of Psychedelic Healing and Guiding

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Guelaguetza Retreat: A celebration of Indigenous Cultures  Join us in the Oaxaca for one of the world’s most colorful cultural events events in the world ; Guelaguetza- a giant celebration honoring the indigenous cultures and traditions of Oaxaca. Experience dance, tradition culture, markets and world renowned Oaxacan Cuisine and a most unique opportunity to journey with the Zapotec shamanic traditions. Connect with true origins of journey sacred mushroom journey-Teonanacatl in the tradition of Zapotec Shamans, an exploration of what is truly possible in shamanic journey- and an unforgettable experience unlike any other. 

Microdose Mom- My Story

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  Many people ask me how I came to work with psychedelics and plant medicine. This is the story of how, I, a mother and a teacher developed a most unusual and unconventional profession.  I first learned about the healing potential of psychedelic plants several years ago. I had just graduated from college with a [...]