Imbolc: The Quickening of The Year

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Imbolc-“The Quickening of the Year” Join us at the Red Crags February 2nd 6-9PM to Celebrate Imbolc- The Quickening of the Year”. In the Celtic calendar Imbolc, marks the beginning of the spring and the stirrings of new life. In this traditional ceremony we will gather to celebrate and honor the hidden potential buried just beneath the earth and also within ourselves. In this ceremony led by Benn Mac Stiofan, an expert in Celtic lore, we clear away the cobwebs of the old and welcome in the dream of the new, aligning ourselves with the natural flow of the turning earth. Through ceremony we align ourselves with the rhythms of nature and harness the power surrounding us.

A Midsummer Night’s Retreat June 21-22

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Weekend Retreat Dates: Friday, June 21- Saturday, June 22, 3-6 pm Location: Bodhi Springs Mountain Retreat Cost: $195 UNPLUG, RECONNECT AND REWILD Consciousness is like the sunshine of our awareness, thus the things we pay attention to tend to grow. This is why in this retreat we are placing our awareness into celebrating what is right with [...]

Cues From Nature

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If we take our cue from nature, we realize that all living things must go into retreat. Frogs sink beneath the mud and go into a state of dormancy, slowing their heartbeat and taking in oxygen from the water through their skin. Garter snakes gather beneath the rocks in coils huddled together for warmth. Snails [...]

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