Microdose Coaching

Third Wave Certified Microdose Coach

Third Wave Certified Microdose Coach

You may have heard of microdosing.

There is a lot of buzz around the topic of microdosing, or using sub-perceptible amounts of psychedelic substances to evoke creative or flow states, and help anxiety and depression.

Certain psychedelics can create states of neuroplasticity, a state in which the brain is flexible and receptive to new types of learning and training.

There is also often a sense of increased ease with the self and a sense of natural interconnectedness.

I teach and coach people around this process.

Coaching can help individuals who have chosen this route to maximize its potential for healing and and realizing goals.

I’ve studied for the last year with experts in this field of research and I educate clients around the safest uses and setting the conditions for lasting and beneficial change.