Q. What is spiritual integrative life coaching?

A. There comes a time in your life when you are ready to take the next step, design a new plan, create a new life. Often, these are times of great transition and change and can be difficult to navigate. I am here to support you during these times of change. Please take a look at the Impact page to discover ways this practise can change your life!

Q. What is microdosing?

A. Microdosing is the medicinal use of small amounts of psychedelics such as psilocybin, to rewire the neural patterning of the brain and help the body and mind heal from trauma, ptsd and emotional blockages. Note: I do not provide the medicine for microdosing coaching, simply create a safe space for you to experience it for yourself and help navigate what that looks like and what your needs are in the moment.

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Q. What can I expect in a session?

A. I like to call my sessions ‘seasons’, as in seasons of change. Each session is individual. I usually start with the mind-body interface and setting up the optimal physical and mental state for change, then we work on clearing mental and emotional blocks, clarifying purpose and creating an action plan together. I use tools such as personalized guided meditation to facilitate awareness, energy work to find and clear blockages, personal inventory using the Whole Self Mandala system, tarot work and mindfulness practices. I also provide microdosing support to create space for positive, safe and affirming experiences.

Q. How long is the coach-client relationship?

A. Typically a coaching season is a session once a week for three months, with check ins extending beyond that on an individual basis, but most often for about two weeks post coaching season.

Q. How can I book a session?

A. To book a complimentary 15 min session, simply click below to access my booking system.

B. You can also book one of my paid services under Integrative Life Coaching.