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Online Course
Dates: Mondays Starting July  6, 13 and ,20th   5:30-7:30pm

Perhaps you have heard the buzz about microdosing and it’s possibilities for overall mental health, focus and well-being.

As a coach and consultant for the Third Wave, a major psychedelic literacy organization and microdosing hub, I have worked with over 100 clients to navigate and understand the practice.

Through this work, I have come up with tools and methods to help people learn about microdosing to successfully apply it to their lives.

In this 3 session course you will learn the following.

  • How and why people microdose

  • Benefits, drawbacks and limitations of microdosing
  • Proper dosaging measurements

  • How to prepare and create your own microdoses
  • How to know what to expect

  • How to use supportive practices to enhance your experience

  • Harm reduction and safe practices


In this course you will receive 3 live 90 minute in-person sessions. When you register, you will receive a link to the webinars and access to a google class forum with curated materials and group discussions.


Enrollment is extremely limited due to our commitment to small intimate class settings where we can serve and attend to individual concerns and questions.


 Price $175

Private coaching sessions will be available for students at a reduced rate of $100 for single sessions ($25 savings from regular rate) and $500 for full Unfoldment Packages (a savings of $50)

Students of this course will also receive early access to this Septembers’ Women and Plant Medicine Cohort. (TBA)


A bit about your facilitator


About Sarah

Sarah Hope is a certified microdose coach, guide, energy worker, teacher and nature retreat leader. She works in close relationship with the psilocybin mushroom and a healing medium. She works with clients to naturally restore balance in their lives and access their potential.  She also specializes in integration of non-ordinary states and mystical experiences, helping individuals to bring the gifts of entheogenic experience to their waking lives. She is a core member and consultant for the Third Wave and has worked with over 100 clients from all over the world in the process of psychedelic healing.

She is an unreasonable optimist who is willing to walk in the depths of the shadow. She loves getting lost in nature and mind expanding conversations.

As a coach she is committed to raising human consciousness and helping individuals to actualize their unique potential and find joy in being on the planet.She leads small batch retreats that offer a unique blend of culture immersion, connection with nature, off-the beaten path locations, and deep connection with indigenous medicine work.

She holds degrees and honors in Psychology and Spanish.