Are Outdated Beliefs Running Your Life?

By now you’ve probably seen have seen the viral video of neurons forming. Lit up on a gray surface the excited neurons wiggle excitedly, and begin to connect with other cells and clusters in the area. We can begin to see how a stimulus in the environment has a response in the brain. Something happens, we get an idea or new knowledge, a few more things happen to reinforce that idea, perhaps an emotion gets [...]

Cues From Nature

If we take our cue from nature, we realize that all living things must go into retreat. Frogs sink beneath the mud and go into a state of dormancy, slowing their heartbeat and taking in oxygen from the water through their skin. Garter snakes gather beneath the rocks in coils huddled together for warmth. Snails retreat into the perfect spirals of their shells growing a chalky skin over the opening until the rains return and [...]

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