Awe and Wonder! How do we find joy in difficult times?

8 Advanced Tips for Achieving Flow State: Your Superpower State of Mind What is flow state?  If you are a creator of any kind you know what it means to be in “the zone”.  It is a profoundly pleasant state of mind where you lose track of time and become deeply engrossed in what you are doing. 

Microdose Mom- My Story

  Many people ask me how I came to work with psychedelics and plant medicine. This is the story of how, I, a mother and a teacher developed a most unusual and unconventional profession.  I first learned about the healing potential of psychedelic plants several years ago. I had just graduated from college with a degree in psychology and a minor in Spanish. My two children were small then and to make ends meet, I [...]

Empowered Conversations Around Psychedelics For Parents and Guardians

We all know our children may be exposed to psychedelic substances at some point in high school or college. Research around the heavily funded abstinence campaigns such as D.A.R.E clearly showed that these programs did not stop teens and young adults from using drugs - yet as parents we know that the ‘drug’ conversation still needs to be had. Most of us would rather have our children be able to talk with us about their [...]

Are Outdated Beliefs Running Your Life?

By now you’ve probably seen have seen the viral video of neurons forming. Lit up on a gray surface the excited neurons wiggle excitedly, and begin to connect with other cells and clusters in the area. We can begin to see how a stimulus in the environment has a response in the brain. Something happens, we get an idea or new knowledge, a few more things happen to reinforce that idea, perhaps an emotion gets [...]

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